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Joomla Manager

Manage Joomla from within Omni

Simplify your daily joomla content work navigate with ease

A New Way to Manage Users, Tags, Articles, Categories & Custom Fields

No more lengthy training for clients on Joomla's backend management. With Omni's Joomla Manager, allows management of Joomla's core systems directly from within the Omni Application Manager. This innovation is a game-changer for website managers and their clients, simplifying the management of categories, articles, menu items, tags, users, field groups, and custom fields without ever needing to dive into Joomla's complex backend.

Key Features of Joomla Manager for Omni:

Centralized Management

Easily manage Joomla's basic systems like categories, articles, and tags directly from the Omni platform, providing a unified and streamlined workflow.

User & Permissions Management

Website managers can assign specific permissions to clients, allowing them to manage certain aspects of the website while maintaining overall control and workflow efficiency.

Custom Fields & Field Groups

Handle custom fields and field groups within Omni, enabling a more flexible and personalized content management approach.

Menu Item Management

Effortlessly create and manage Joomla menu items from within Omni, making website navigation setup and adjustments simpler than ever.

Seamless Integration with YOOtheme Pro

For those with permissions, access to Joomla and YOOtheme Pro is integrated, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly frontend experience.

Role-Based Access Control

Web managers can give clients the necessary permissions to manage specific parts of the system, ensuring streamlined operations without compromising on functionality.

Empowering Website Management:

Joomla Manager for Omni empowers web managers and their clients by offering an efficient solution to manage Joomla-based websites from a centralized platform. This not only reduces the learning curve associated with Joomla's backend but also enhances productivity by streamlining website management processes. Clients can focus on their content and website structure, knowing that they have the tools and permissions to make necessary changes, all within a user-friendly environment.
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