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Exciting new eCommerce Software, Website Themes, Universal Components, Plugins & Elements built for use with YOOtheme Pro & Joomla 4.

Power your Joomla 4 website with CommerceLab Shop eCommerce. Customize Everything with YOOtheme Pro.

Take full control over the content, structure and design of your online store with YOOtheme Pro page builder.

eCommerce 4 YOOtheme

Build fast and powerful shop websites using YOOtheme Pro Page Builder, open-source framework.

Style every part of your store & website at the same time. Shop is 100% customizable.

100% Dynamic Content

CommerceLab Shop is 100% Dynamic Content driven and comes with custom shop builder elements.

You can also use shop dynamic content in any of YOOtheme's core elements.

Optimize & Promote

Easily update & optimize your online store using YOOtheme Page Builder templates. build one template for 100s of products.

Create promotional pages on the fly and use product content anywhere on your website.


  • "As soon as we started launching websites with CommerceLab Shop, we saw really dramatic growth from clients websites. Conversion went up from around 1% to over 2% and the bounce rate went from 40 to 50% to around 12%. Our clients have more than tripled their revenue. Using CommerceLab has been a huge step forward for all of us!
    - Micheal Scott // CEO (Nebo Design)

Take your website one step further by customizing and adding functionality with add-ons & tools.

Skip the painful parts of building a shop website with our YOOtheme Templates.

We did the hard work for you. Get your website up and running fast with optimized YOOtheme & Joomla 4 templates, w/CommerceLab Shop pre-configured.

Grand Boulevard

Elegant Winery Website &Restaurant website theme

Details Demo


Alternative medicine, Reiki, Yoga, cbd & shop theme

Details Demo


Startup, SaaS, App landing page & shop theme

Details Demo

Start building your online store today.

Your shoppers will thank you.
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