CommerceLab Shop + YOOtheme is the ultimate eCommerce solution

CommerceLab Shop for YOOtheme makes it easy to build and customize your store using dozens of custom CommerceLab elements and thousands of design settings.

Power Your Store With CommerceLab Shop. Customize Everything With YOOtheme.

CommerceLab Shop doesn’t just work with YOOtheme it enhances it by giving full control over the content, structure and design of your store. Customize your products, cart and checkout pages using the full power of YOOtheme’s visual builder.

Build Your Store

UseYOOtheme Page builder to create your store from top to bottom. With custom CommerceLab elements, you can completely control the structure of your ecommerce pages.

Customize Everything

When you build your CommerceLab shop with YOOtheme, you get full control over the design of every element. You can customize absolutely everything! Each part of your store is a YOOtheme enabled elements, and each element comes with hundreds of design settings.

Promote And Optimize

Use Joomla's marketing features to optimize your store and generate more sales. Run split tests. Create up-sells and promos. CommerceLab has the tools you need to find success.

Customize product pages from top to bottom

CommerceLab Shop comes with 16 custom YOOtheme elements that you can use to build your shop product pages with from scratch and customize everything. When you enable YOOtheme's Page builder on a CommerceLab Shop product, YOOtheme automatically transforms it into a collection of elements that you can drag, drop and customize on the front end.

Create templates that control product page designs as one.

Not only can you use YOOtheme to customize individual product pages. You can use use the YOOtheme Builder to create product templates that can be used to control the design of every product on your website. Create a product template and customize product templates for each category to best display products based on their unique specifications.

Create custom cart & checkout pages that match the look & feel of your website.

With CommerceLab Shop, you can build your own YOOtheme cart and checkout pages. CommerceLab Shop comes with 8 cart and checkout elements, each of which are packed full of design options that you can use to completely customize your cart and checkout experience.

Build dynamic shop websites with our custom YOOtheme elements

Create shopping experiences anywhere on your website for any products, product categories, tagged or featured items. 

Cart Items

Displays items from a users cart

Cart Summary

Shows the cart total, shipping, tax & discounts

User Registration

Allows users to sign in, sign up, or checkout as a guest.

Variant Options

Select Product variants options for a product.

Checkout Comments

Collect comore information from customers about their order.

Coupon Field

Add coupon code for discounted pricing on orders.

Static price

Shows dynamic price depending on product options selected.


Cusomters can select how many of a product they'd like to purchase.

Short Codes

Add product or store infomration anywhere

Terms & Conditions

Have customers aggree to terms or not upon checkout

Product Price Total

Checkbox Options

Offline Payments

Add 2 Cart Button

Use all shop content in any core YOOtheme elements

No YOOtheme element is off limits. All shop product content can be used in any YOOtheme core elements.


Add videos to your product pages


Use any shop product descriptions


Display producut content in a swticher

Sub Nav

Create internal product navigation or category index's


Create image slideshows of products


Showcase customer testimonials

Pop Over

Sell prpducts in an image


Use product content in a panel anywhere

Panel Slider

Create a panel slider of products to display anywhere


Overlay and image with product content

Overlay Slider

Ceate aq slides of products with product info overlaid.


Create and add internal store navigation


Create a simple list of products


Display your product image with modal popup window


Add custom code to your products pages.


Add product titles, sub titles and custom headlines to your products.


Create a grid of products to display anywhere.


Create a gallery of store or product images


create product release countdowns


Add as many buttons as you'd like to to your product pages


Create breadcrumb navigation for your store


Create product alerts


Display product details in an accordions menu

See CommerceLab Shop in action.

It's easy to build ecommerce websites with YOOtheme and CommerceLab.

Product Pages

Cart Pages

Checkout Pages

Quick Start Your Online Store With our Shop Templates

It's easy to build ecommerce websites with YOOtheme and CommerceLab Shop. Just take a look at some of these demos created by our design team! Purchase them individually or get them all as a pro or elite member. 




Design Bites

Tech Space


Creative Hub

Design Escapes

Find more eCommerce tools in our Shop add-on marketplace

In the CommerceLab Marketplace, you can find wonderful shop add-ons, upgrades, enhancements and more..

What our shop users say...

  • "CommerceLab Shop is one of those components that makes my life as an agency owner so much easier. I can build stores for my clients in no time at all. I even have a side shop for myself that's bringing in good money. This is my go to component thanks, Marc & Milos!"
    - John Arthur (Flow and go)
  • "As someone who’s experienced selling physical products. It’s just nice to see orders coming through and know that the system’s all doing it for me."
  • "I've been using Virtuemart & J2Store for years, not happy with layouts. I no longer have to the CommerceLab team is amazing and have got me up and running in no time cheers guys!"
    - Alex Frison
  • "We are a design-led brand, and we strive to deliver an ecommerce experience that reflects that. CommerceLab Shop allows us to do that."
    - Jameel Mohammed (FOUNDER, KHIRY)

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