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Shop Bundle Pricing.


// Use Forever

  • Unlimited Installs   

    5 Products

    Add Pricing

    Integrated Cart System

    Full Order Management

    Paypal & Offline Payments

    Community Forum Support


// Use Forever

  • Up to 10 Shop Installs   

    Everything in "Free"

    Unlimited Products 

    Free & Paid Add-ons

    Stripe Checkout 

    YOOtheme + Shop Quickstarts 

    Standard Ticket Support  


// Use Forever

  • Up to 20 Shop Installs

    Everything in "Standard" 

    Mollie Payments 

    All Quickstart Templates  

    20% off all paid add-ons  

    Priority Chat Support  

Frequently asked questions,

General Questions

Do I need a YOOtheme Pro subscription?
Yes, all our software runs on YOOtheme but is not included with any of our products.
What are add-ons?
Add-ons are enhancments you can add to your Shop to add extended functionality and more features for shop owners backend systems and customers on the frontend.
Is It easy to get started with YOOtheme Pro page builder?
Yes, You can learn on how to use it here on our sit or the YOOtheme youtube channel is packed with how to videos.
How do I Integrate YOOtheme Pro + CommerceLab Shop?
It's already integrated if you install CommerceLab Shop demo start package. But the YOOtheme theme styles are automatically applied to your shop right away. There is no extra styling needed when installing the component on a prexisitng YOOtheme activate website.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
You can cancel anytime. Your subscription will remain active untill the end of your subscrition then will expire.
Will my shop stop working when my subscription runs out?
Yes the current version of the software you own will continue to work. You will no longer receive updates.
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