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  • Important Update:      Shop legacy sales are closed but will support ytp 4.2+ and Joomla 5


Our coiinbase Coinbase crypto checkout option for CommerceLab Shop ecommerce. This will provide a secure and convenient way for customers to use their cryptocurrency to buy products and services.


Secure and convenient payment option: With the Coinbase crypto checkout option, customers can securely and conveniently pay for their purchases using their cryptocurrency.

Easy to use: The integration will make it easy for customers to select the Coinbase crypto payment option during checkout, and complete the payment process quickly and easily.

Fast transactions: Cryptocurrency transactions are typically faster than traditional payment methods, which means that customers can complete their purchases more quickly.

Increased payment options: Offering cryptocurrency payments as a checkout option can help attract new customers who prefer to use digital currencies.

Global acceptance: Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, which means that customers can use their preferred digital currency to pay for their purchases.

Transparent pricing: Coinbase charges a transparent fee for each transaction, which is typically lower than traditional payment processing fees, which can help merchants save money.

Increased security: Cryptocurrency payments are highly secure, as they use blockchain technology to protect transactions from fraud and hacking. This can help protect both customers and merchants from fraudulent activity.

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