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Klarna Checkout

With this integration, shop builders can now offer Klarna as a payment option to their customers, providing them with a seamless and secure payment experience. This integration offers numerous benefits, including increased conversions and customer satisfaction, as well as simplified checkout process.


The integration allows merchants using CommerceLab Shop eCommerce platform to offer Klarna as a payment option to their customers.

Klarna offers several payment options, including Pay Later, Pay Now, and Slice It, which can improve the checkout experience for customers.

Klarna's payment options may increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rates, as they provide customers with more flexibility and convenience.

Klarna's fraud prevention technology can help merchants reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

The integration provides merchants with real-time transaction and settlement data, which can help them optimize their operations and improve their cash flow management. Merchants can access Klarna's marketing tools and campaigns, which can help them promote their products and increase sales.

The integration is easy to set up and configure, and it provides a seamless user experience for both merchants and customers.

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