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Shop legacy

What Happend to CommerceLab Shop?

A Story of Transition from CommerceLab Shop to Omni Shop


CommerceLab Shop, originally evolving from Pro2Store, signified the initial foray into eCommerce solutions for Joomla and YOOtheme. It represented the potential for a new and innovative approach to eCommerce within this ecosystem.

CommerceLab Incorporation

Foundational Milestone

In January of 2023, CommerceLab completed a significant milestone in its journey by incorporating as a C Corporation. This move was a testament to the project's success and its readiness to enter the next phase of growth.

Market Validation

The decision to incorporate followed a period of market validation where CommerceLab successfully proved its business case. This achievement highlighted the demand and potential for the company's offerings within the eCommerce and Joomla ecosystems.

Transition to Final Product Offering

The incorporation marked the beginning of a transition toward CommerceLab's final product offering. This phase was characterized by a focus on scaling, refining product features, and expanding the reach to meet the needs of a broader market segment.

Strategic Growth and Development

As a C Corporation, CommerceLab positioned itself for strategic growth and development. This legal structure opened up new avenues for investment, allowing the company to capitalize on opportunities and navigate the challenges of scaling its operations and product suite.

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Knowledge Base


Welcome to the CommmerceLab Way of Building

CommerceLab is an open-source Vue.js framework designed to boost Joomla websites using YOOtheme Pro. Whether your website has 10 pages or 100,000, CommerceLab prioritizes performance, scalability, and inherent security, making it an excellent choice for development.
  • Adding your Watchful Key & Domains

    Learn the basics on validating your CommerceLab software

  • Shop Quickstart Demo Installs

    Set up your shop & start selling with our Quickstart guide

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Practical step-by-step guides to help you achieve a specific goal. Most useful when you're trying to get something done.
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Guides to provide you with comprehensive information on how to navigate the platform and optimize its features.
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Discover how to utilize CommerceLab Shop Add-ons to enhance your online store.
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Documentation for universal tools is forthcoming.
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Systems Tutorials
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Discover our tutorials and knowledge base to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize YOOtheme Pro from start to finish. Our resources cover a range of topics from the basics of setting up a YOOtheme Pro theme, to more advanced topics such as building custom layouts and styles.
Explore our tutorials and knowledge base to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use Joomla CMS from beginning to end.

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Discover How CommerceLab Can Help Support Your Team

How can we Support You?

  • Community Forums

    Professional support, performance audits, and services for CommerceLab websites.

  • Knowledge Base

    Explore the functionality available in CommerceLab Shop

  • Roadmaps

    See what's coming to CommerceLab

  • FAQ's

    Get questions answered about CommerceLab products

  • Changelogs

    Find out what's new at CommerceLab

  • Become a Translator

    Information about the translation of our systems & Software

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YOOtheme Builder JSON Page Presets

YOOtheme Pro JSON Page & Element Presets

Take the work out of setting up your store pages and elements.

What Are JSON Page Presets?

JSON page presets are premade page layouts and elements they come fully configured and are ready for you to upload to page builder in your website. Once you assign them to your page they are ready to for production.

Product Pages

Cart Pages

Checkout Pages

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Donate to CommerceLab Development

If you love CommerceLab as much as we do, we could use your support.

CommerceLab is a bootstrapped startup, we rely on the sales of our software to pay our team but they don't always cover the cost which slows our momentum and growth.

If you're a member or just a fan of our work with the means to support. We could use all the help we can get.
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