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Shippo Shipping

Introducing the Shippo shipping and fulfillment add-on for CommerceLab! Our new integration makes it easy to handle all your shipping and fulfillment needs directly from your CommerceLab shop. With Shippo, you'll be able to streamline your shipping process and get your products to customers faster than ever before.


Seamless integration: Our add-on integrates directly into the CommerceLab checkout process, so you can manage all your shipping and fulfillment needs without ever leaving your CommerceLab shop.

Multiple carrier options: Shippo supports a wide range of carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. You can choose the carrier that best suits your needs and budget.

Real-time shipping rates: Shippo uses real-time shipping rates to give you the most accurate shipping costs, so you can be sure you're charging your customers the right amount for shipping.

Automated label generation: With Shippo, you can generate shipping labels automatically, saving you time and hassle. Simply print the label and attach it to your package.

Order tracking: Shippo provides order tracking information so you and your customers can track packages in real time and stay up to date on delivery times.

When a customer checks out from your CommerceLab shop, they'll be prompted to enter their shipping information. The Shippo add-on will automatically calculate the shipping cost based on the customer's location and the weight of the package.

You'll be able to see all your incoming orders and associated shipping information directly within the CommerceLab dashboard.

When you're ready to ship an order, simply select the carrier you want to use and Shippo will automatically generate a shipping label for you.

You can then print the label and attach it to your package. The package can then be dropped off at the carrier's location or picked up by the carrier directly from your location.

Shippo will provide order tracking information for each package, so you can keep your customers up to date on their delivery status.

You'll be able to manage all your shipping and fulfillment needs directly from the CommerceLab dashboard, so you don't have to switch back and forth between different tools and systems.

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