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Accept 100s of types of crypto currencies with Now payments payment gateway.

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Now Payments Crypto

When people mention crypto payments, everyone often thinks of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. However, there are so many popular coins that have value and a large community of users who want to use them for crypto payments.

At NOWPayments all cryptocurrencies are created equal. Besides top crypto coins, our cryptocurrency gateway currently accepts more than 50 different cryptocurrencies. Crypto enthusiasts often own several coins in various quantities. However, since many crypto payment methods only support Bitcoin or a few other coins, people run out of them and have to manage their wallets.

Some cryptocurrencies were created to serve as an alternative to fiat currencies. Others serve as tokens on a blockchain that provides services and new solutions. We accept cryptocurrencies no matter what, and you can use our service to make sure your website, online store, or even a Twitch channel can support payments using any coin users have at their disposal.


  • Accept 100+ cryptocurrencies converted into the ones you trust
  • Accept 100+ cryptocurrencies converted into the ones you trust
  • Take Payments Anywhere on your website with this builder element
  • Easy Integration
  • Low Processing fees on the market
  • Let your customers checkout with many different Crypto types orders process as normal

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