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  • Important Update:      Shop legacy sales are closed but will support ytp 4.2+ and Joomla 5


CommerceLab Shop / Slack integration will, allow you to receive order information directly in your Slack channels. This integration will save you time and help you stay on top of your orders, all within your favorite messaging app.


Features of our upcoming CommerceLab Shop Integration with Slack:

Real-time order notifications: Receive order notifications as soon as they are placed on your online store, giving you up-to-date information about your sales.

Order status updates: Get updates on the status of your orders, from when they are shipped to when they are delivered.

Order details: Receive detailed information about each order, including the customer's name, order total, and shipping information.

Multiple channels: Send order information to multiple channels in your Slack workspace, ensuring that everyone who needs to be informed is up to date.

Customizable notifications: Customize your notifications to receive only the information you need, ensuring that you are not overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

Development Status:

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