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YOOtheme Pro

The most powerful Joomla website page builder.

320+ Page Builder Layouts

Boost your design process by importing one of the pre-built page builder layouts with a single click. Mix and match the sections to create a unique Joomla or WordPress website in minutes.

Design and build your website visually.

The YOOtheme Pro page builder for WordPress and Joomla is perfect for designers who want to create beautiful page layouts, and developers who appreciate extensibility and clean, semantic code.

Drag and Drop Icon

Organize Content with Drag & Drop Add, copy or delete sections, grids and content elements with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Everything you build is instantly shown in the page builder preview.

Responsive Layouts Icon

Create Responsive Grid Layouts Build responsive grids by adding rows and columns without writing a single line of code. The page builder layouts will adapt perfectly to all device sizes.

Element Library Icon

Add Content Elements on the Fly Simply drop content elements in your grid layouts — from text and images to slideshows and galleries. Easily add and manage your content with the page builder.

35+ Elements to Build Your Content

The YOOtheme Pro Joomla and WordPress page builder comes with an expanding collection of ready-to-use elements. Easily extend it with your own custom elements.


Add videos to your product pages


Use any shop product descriptions


Display producut content in a swticher

Sub Nav

Create internal product navigation or category index's


Create image slideshows of products


Showcase customer testimonials

Pop Over

Sell prpducts in an image


Use product content in a panel anywhere

Panel Slider

Create a panel slider of products to display anywhere


Overlay and image with product content

Overlay Slider

Ceate aq slides of products with product info overlaid.


Create and add internal store navigation


Create a simple list of products


Display your product image with modal popup window


Add custom code to your products pages.


Add product titles, sub titles and custom headlines to your products.


Create a grid of products to display anywhere.


Create a gallery of store or product images


create product release countdowns


Add as many buttons as you'd like to to your product pages


Create breadcrumb navigation for your store


Create product alerts


Display product details in an accordions menu

Enhanced using our custom hop Elements

Create shopping experiences anywhere on your website for any products, product categories, tagged or featured items. 

Cart Items

Displays items from a users cart

Cart Summary

Shows the cart total, shipping, tax & discounts

User Registration

Allows users to sign in, sign up, or checkout as a guest.

Variant Options

Select Product variants options for a product.

Checkout Comments

Collect comore information from customers about their order.

Coupon Field

Add coupon code for discounted pricing on orders.

Static price

Shows dynamic price depending on product options selected.


Cusomters can select how many of a product they'd like to purchase.

Short Codes

Add product or store infomration anywhere

Terms & Conditions

Have customers aggree to terms or not upon checkout

Product Price Total

Display the price of your proeducts + variants & Options

Checkbox Options

Add selectable product options to such as gift wrapping

Offline Payments

Checkout to be completed without payment and receive in person

Add 2 Cart Button

Specifcc button made to add a product to a cart and allow for checkout .
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