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UserPro Universal Tool

UserPro, the first tool enabled for YOOtheme Pro user details area, offers a range of creative options to customize your Joomla user account areas. With this powerful tool, you can easily create tailored account details areas for your permission-based websites, complete with custom fields and multi-page layouts. Whether you want to improve user engagement, enhance website functionality or simply streamline your user management processes, UserPro has all the features you need to create a seamless and effective user experience.
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Testing Your Work

UserPro is tied directly into Joomla User managment so you will not be able to update user info in Builder. You will need to open a icognito browser and login as a test account to be able to test the field data to Joomla user account exchange.

User Account Details Element

Add this any page on your website where you want logged in users to be able to edit their account information then add items to your element directly linked to your Joomla user account profile.

You can add multiple elements to one article and make areas which can be updated seperatly.

Item Settings:

Each item has settings to make the fields from your joomla user manager need approval, l
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