Frequently Asked Questions

What is CommerceLab?
CommerceLab is a fraemwork we have developed that can hold many types of components. currently we are developing the ecommerce portion but we have many other types of components that will be housed by the same infrastructure.
Do I need a YOOtheme subscription to use CommerceLab Shop?
Yes you will need the latest version of YOOtheme page builder.
How do I integrate YOOtheme and CommerceLab Shop?
It's already integrated if you install CommerceLab shop into a Joomla site with YOOtheme Pro it will automatically integrate into your themese style settings.
Is it easy to get started with YOOtheme Pro page Builder?
We would say yes. The community at YOOtheme is thriving, their discord channel has enough people to help guide you. Also they have an extensive Youtube channel that can get you moving fast. We'd say give it a couple days you'll feel like a pro.
Is CommerceLab Shop only made for Joomla?
Yes we are building CommerceLab specifically for Joomla at this time.
Will there be a Wordpress version of shop?
Yep, we're working on the conversion. we are looking for support with our development.
Will you have Subscriptions & Digital Downloads?
Yes we have both of the in the works.
Will my shop stop working when my subscription runs out?
No. Your subscription covers support and software updates. Once downloaded, that version of the software is yours to use forever. You will be notified before the end of your subscription to renew in order to continue to receive updates and support.
What are add-ons?
Add-ons enhance your shop. you install them and you have all new functions for your shop.
Can I use CommerceLab Shop without a paying?
Yes we have a free version. It has all the core features but you will need to have a PRO or Elite membership to take online payments.
Does CommerceLab use Joomla Articles & Categories
Yes, you create categories then create products in CommerceLab Shop (which are articles) and apply them to Joomla categories for use in your website.
How does CommerceLab use custom fields?
You can create article custom fields in Joomla then add them to a CommerceLab Shop product category and then in CommerceLab Shop manage the fields add your custom content giving you limitless options for each product. It'll all be there in your YOOtheme page builder for use.
What are Quickstart Themes?
Quickstart themes are YOOtheme preloaded demo quickstarts that are preloaded with CommerceLab Shop and ready to start selling. We offer these to get you started quickly.
What happened to Pro2Store?
We aquired the core framework and expanded on Ray and Josh's Idea. We decided the community was important to keep together rather than starting from scratch.

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