Tax & Shipping Managment

Always stay compliant with advanced Tax & Shipping matrix systems.

Compliant Country Taxation

Add "standard rate" "Reduced Tax Rate" "Extra Tax Rate" All equated in checkout and in product details . VAT or Tax.

Custom shipping rates

Build your Shipping matrx the select if the product is "wieght based", "flat rate" or "no shipping" per product produt.

Tax & Shipping Transparency

Shipping and tax shows in cart, show it seperate from total or in total depsning on your coutnries regulations.

Simple Tax Setup

Select the countries you sell to, set the tax rate for the country then if needed adjust the tax rates per zone in that country. Configurations available for global Compliance.

Simple Shipping Setup

Easily build standard shipping rates per country and zones or create instances of countries and zones with a custom wieght based matrix. Add extra handeling fees all is auto calculated at checkout or in product details.

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