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Add2Cart anywhere is a CommerceLab Shop Site tool plugin that allows you to use product elements from your CommerceLab Shop ecommerce store on different pages of your website.
  • Location: Built for worldwide use,
  • Version: V1.0

Enhanced customer experience:

By allowing customers to add products to their cart from any page on your website, you can make the shopping experience more seamless and intuitive. Customers don't have to navigate back to a product detail page to add an item to their cart, which can reduce friction and potentially increase conversions.

Increased flexibility:

With the ability to use product information and add-to-cart functionality on any page, you have more flexibility in how you design your website and present your products. You can create landing pages that focus on specific products or categories, or use add-to-cart buttons in non-traditional contexts, such as on blog posts or in pop-ups.

Streamlined development:

By using this plugin that integrates with CommerceLab Shop product element, you can build custom add-to-cart functionality on any builder page , which can speed up your product promotional development.

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Add2Cart Anywhere

The "add2Cart anywhere" plugin is a powerful tool for CommerceLab Shop and YOOtheme Pro users that enhances the ecommerce customer experience by allowing shop product elements and add-to-cart functionality to be used anywhere on your website.

This means that you can create landing pages, blog posts, or any other type of content that highlights specific products or categories, and customers can add those products to their cart without having to navigate back to a traditional product detail page.

With this plugin, you have more flexibility in how you design your website and present your products, and you can create completely separate add-to-cart experiences that are not tied to the main product detail pages. Overall, the "add2Cart anywhere" plugin helps streamline development, enhance the customer experience, and increase flexibility for CommerceLab Shop and YOOtheme Pro users.


  • Allows for users to select which articles singularly to show anywhere
  • Add products to blog posts and any page in your website enabled for YOotheme pro.
  • Simple addition to enhance the features of the original product elements



Add2Cart Anywhere V1.1.0

Release Date: 08/25/2022
  • Launched
    Add-on released for all users Add-on updated for CommmerceLab Shop V1.2.3


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Add-on Specs

  • Built for CommerceLab Shop latest version
  • Works with multilingual websites.


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