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  • Important Update:      Shop legacy sales are closed but will support ytp 4.2+ and Joomla 5

PDF Invoices Generator

The PDF invoice generator is a new shop add-on for the Commercelab shop that will allow users to generate and download invoices from their account. This new feature will make it easy for shop owners to keep track of their orders and for customers to keep a record of their purchases.


Automatic generation of invoices: The PDF invoice generator will automatically generate invoices for each order placed in the Commercelab shop. This means that users will no longer have to manually create invoices, saving them time and effort.

Downloadable invoices: Users will be able to download their invoices from their account, making it easy for them to keep track of their purchases. They can also download invoices from the email they receive when an order is processed.

Customizable invoice design: The PDF invoice generator will have a variety of design templates to choose from, so users can customize the look and feel of their invoices to match their brand.

Backend configuration: The PDF invoice generator will be fully configurable from the Commercelab shop backend. This means that shop owners can easily set up the feature and make any necessary changes without needing technical knowledge.

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