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Email Validator

The "Email Validator" add-on is designed to improve the security of your online shop's checkout process by requiring customers to validate their email addresses before they can register for an account or make a purchase. This ensures that only genuine email addresses are used, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and increasing the trustworthiness of your shop.


Email validation: The add-on will check that the email address entered by the customer is valid and associated with a legitimate domain.

Real-time verification: The email validation process will be performed in real-time, with instant feedback provided to the customer.

Automatic error handling: If an email address fails validation, the add-on will display an error message explaining the issue to the customer.

Customizable error messages: You can customize the error messages displayed by the add-on to ensure they are tailored to your specific shop and customer base.

User-friendly interface: The add-on will be designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to understand and complete the email validation process.

Integrates with existing workflows: The "Email Validator" add-on will integrate seamlessly with your existing registration and checkout workflows, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Multi-language support: The add-on will support multiple languages, allowing you to provide email validation for customers all over the world.

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