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Grow With CommerceLab

Become a CommerceLab partner and accelerate your business. Explore which program can help you grow faster, combining your expertise and services with our unparalleled commitment to your success.
  • Are you an Agency or Consultant?

    Agency Partners work alongside the CommerceLab team to help support and grow with their clients. Get to the head of the line for support cases, get peaks at the roadmap and more when you partner alongside CommerceLab. Start growing predictably.


  • Are you a Tech Vendor or Solution?

    For CMS, infrastructure, design tools, and other web technologies, start building that first-class integration with CommerceLab and harness the power of the CommerceLab ecosystem.


Why Partner with CommerceLab?

  • CommerceLab Experts at Your Fingertips

    Tap into the technical expertise of the CommerceLab team to support your integration or client projects. Be confident you’re getting the most out of CommerceLab
  • VIP Status & Support

    Get early access to new products and features. For Founding partners, join the CommerceLab Advisory Board and be sure your voice is heard.
  • Connect with New Customers

    Easily connect with customers and prospects that are looking for a new agency or technology vendor to work with. We’ll help you reach new heights!
  • Leverage The Ecosystem

    Take full advantage of the CommerceLab ecosystem by standardizing and building foundations on CommerceLab Tools, Starters, and Themes.
  • Learn the CommerceLab way

    Partners have exclusive access to content, live streams, teammembers, and more - all so that CommerceLab can help better educate you and your clients on building for the Jamstack.
  • Stand Out From The Crowd

    Makes sales easier by standing out from the crowd with certifications, co-marketing, case studies, and more from the CommerceLab team.

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About Us


We’re on a mission to make eCommerce & website building with YOOtheme Pro & Joomla fun

CommerceLab helps create and inspire improvements to the web, a critical resource for all of humanity. We do this by shortening the time to experiment, to collaborate around changes, and to deploy incremental improvements.

Our Mission and Vision

CommerceLab provides development teams open source creative software solutions for YOOtheme Pro & Joomla.
Our primary focus is on YOOtheme Pro & Joomla 4, CommerceLab is a CMS software development company. We build tools for building the modern web: eCommerce (CommerceLab Shop) Joomla Templates & Universal Website Tools. Performance. SEO. Security. Integrations. Accessibility. We’ve got it covered for you. CommerceLab makes the hardest parts of building an amazing digital experience simple.

Our Core Values

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions. They are the principles that guide choices and behavior, both as an organization and as individuals within it. They are essential to our success, because our commitment to these values in word and action will build a focused team and a stronger CommerceLab

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Founding Members

Many thanks to our founding lifetime members worldwide who have continually supported the development of CommerceLab

We'd like to celebrate these members for their support & belief CommerceLab
  • Allan Sørensen

  • Anita Kooistra

  • Werner Auxilium

  • John Soultanidis

  • Ray Lawlor

  • Robert Clinton

  • Sebastien Steffes

  • Susanne Krüger

  • Eric Vanboke

  • Veilchen Kulture

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Become a Translator

You're invited you help translate Commercelab Products to any languages you know.

Translation Statistics

  • Time to complete: 1 1/2 Hours
  • Current Word Count: 3522
If you'd like to contribute translations in the languages you know please fill out the form below and we can give you more details.

Become a Translator

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