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  • Important Update:      Shop legacy sales are closed but will support ytp 4.2+ and Joomla 5

Installation Guides

Adding Domains & Watchful Key

All of your CommerceLab subscriptions are tied to a Watchful Key and in most cases need domain validation. Let's walk through it.

What is a Watchful Key?

Your Watchful Key authorizes installs, updates & usage of our components and add-ons.
  • Upon creating an account with CommerceLab a Watchful Key is autmatically created and added to the subscriptions section of your account.
  • Make sure you have your Watchful Key ready when installing CommerceLab Shop. It will be needed to complete the install.

Where to find your Watchful Key

Your Watchful Key is located above your subscriptions in your members area.
  • First login then go to: login >> My Subscriptions

Domains and usage authorization

all CommerceLab software requires that the domain you are using our components & add-ons on is authorized for use. You will need to add the domain you are using our components & add-ons on to your subscriptions.

Grandfather Members & Agency VIP Tiers 1 & 2

Pro2Store Grandfather & Beta Members: You are not required to add domains to your CommerceLabShop subscription as your usage of CommerceLab Shop is unlimited. You will be required to add domains to your add-on subscriptions.

Agency VIP Tiers 1 & 2: You are not required to add domains to your subscription for any components or add-ons.

Adding domains to a subscription

Step 1 - Go to your subscriptions to add your domain

After purchasing a new component or add-on you will need to add your domain to that subscription.
  • Go to your members dashboard and navigate to >> My subscriptions and find the subscription you'd like to add your domain to.
  • Click the manage domians button

Step 2 - Click manage domains

  • A drop down will appear the will allow you to add our domain.
  • Add your domain WITHOUT https:// or www the system does not need this.

Step 3 - Domain registered & ready for use.

  • Upon submmission your domain is locked in and registered for use with your subscription.

Changing a domain for your subscription.

By default domains are locked into your subscription and are not allowed to be changed unless authorized by CommerceLab support.

  • If you've made a mistake in entering your domain, your website has switched domain names or any other isssues, please click the lock button on your domain in your subscription. We will be able to see your account and change it for you if applicable.


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