Grid & Filter Core

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Easily segment and sort your products using the filter element to display results in a grid element.
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Advanced Product Sorting

Easily segment and sort your products using the filter element to display results in a grid element. Segment by Category or multiple, tags, product variants & more

Add Grid & Filter to an article or Category Template

Make your entire stores category index a grid & filter. Quickly build an entire store category index and show thesortable results depending on which category your in.

Eliminate clicks to purchase

Add 2 cart directly from the grid, If Variants are present a Choose Options button will show linking them to the product details page.

Similar to Grid & Filter Core

Grid & Filter Core


  • Filter products and show them in a grid add 2 cart from category
  • Sort products by custom fields & variants and more
  • Simple dynamic content source selection to display your product content
  • Multiple elements allows for your to style your grid & filter however you'd like it look.
  • Dozens of style and settings to make your product index look how ever you'd like.
  • Multiple custom elements you can layout on your page anyway you'd like.



Grid & Filter Core V1.2

Release Date: 08/25/2022
  • Added
    Slider for price and stock
  • Added
    Style control, accordion height for large Filter
  • Fixed
    Item link when site in a subfolder
  • Added
    Filter and search trough Custom Fields (List, Chechbox, Radio & Text, Textarea, Editor)
  • Fixed
    Fix for Variants Filter and Search
  • Added
    New grid styiling options (CSS, classes, advanced tab....)
  • Added
    Custom style for add 2 cart button if product is aded to the cart
  • Added
    Accordion automatically closed on smaller devices
  • Fixed
    Fix for item count on Filter options
  • Fixed
    Fix for G&F > Tools > Total count
  • Added
    Support for Custom Fields in Grid Content

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  • CommerceLab Shop Specific
  • Made for Joomla 4


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