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CommerceLab V1.0.1

We improved how native Joomla Custom Fields limitations are managed within CommerceLab Shop Dashboard. Now each tiem you change the category of the product, the associated groups and fields are shown, that also allows to set required fields, which would disallow product save option if not fullfilled, giving more controll over content management.

We also fixed various issues detected and reported, specially regarding checkout and and cart summary.

Not all users see the same issues, as those can vary depending on their specific settings, but we encourage all users to keep the software updated in order to be sure that they will not find some issues which were already solved.
  • Fix
    Checkboxes on Custom Fields
  • Added
    Ajax based Category LImit and Field Group for Custom FIelds
  • Improved
    Support for required Custom Fields
  • Fix
    Confirmation emails for Stripe Orders
  • Fix
    Cart Summary Reflecting Discount Code and Shipping Cost
  • Fix
    Cart Summary not updating when removing items from item's list on the cart or checkout
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