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  • Important Update:      Shop legacy sales are closed but will support ytp 4.2+ and Joomla 5

CommerceLab Shop V1.4

1.4 marks a significant transition for CommerceLab as we embark on a new phase with a fresh team of developers and substantial changes to our codebase. This milestone sets the stage for our move to version 2.0, where we anticipate major transformations and exciting new additions to our platform. We are eager to embrace this opportunity for growth and innovation as we forge ahead into the future.

Priority Changes:
  • Updated:
    YOOtheme 4.0 Compatibility: CommerceLab Shop has been thoroughly tested and made compatible with the latest YOOtheme 4.0 update, ensuring smooth functioning and optimal performance.
  • Fix
    Joomla / Shop Tags Conflict: Resolved an issue where conflicts arose in the database table settings when creating tags in Joomla articles and the tags manager in CommerceLab Shop. This fix ensures seamless tag management without any conflicts.
  • Updated
    Variant Changes:Synchronized the primary product's price, SKU, and stock with the default variant's price, product, and SKU when using variants.
Cart Address From Element Updates:
  • Added:
    The ability to have both the shipping and billing sections open simultaneously on the page.
  • Removed:
    hardcoded verbiage for "shipping and billing are the same?"
Stock Changes:
  • Fixed:
    Resolved a stock issue where adding more quantity of the same product would incorrectly add the entire stock of the variant or product.
  • Fixed
    The discrepancy in variant stock not being removed when a variant of a product is purchased.
  • Added
    The ability to show or hide stock in products list for those using variants and larger stores. Setting us up for new inventory management tools.
Order Summary Changes:
  • Updated:
    Allow the addition of shipping or pickup options on a per-product basis within an order, or the option to ship or pick up all products at once called dynamic fulfillment.
  • Fixed
    VAT not showing in order details.
  • Fix
    Hide fields in order address area that are not in use in the address for element.
  • Updated
    Address fields not in use on the address form element will no longer display in addresses area of the order.
Order Details List Changes:
  • Updated:
    Enhanced the usability of the order details list by allowing users to click on the entire row instead of just the order number to access and view the complete order information.
  • Updated
    Improved the functionality of the dashboard's recent orders section by enabling users to click on the entire row, rather than just the order number, to access and view detailed order information.
Pagination Fixes:
  • Fixed
    The behavior of the products list by retaining the selected number of products to view after entering and saving changes to a product, and subsequently closing it.
  • Fixed
    The category selection functionality to maintain the selected category when entering, saving, and closing a product.
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